Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
WOREXX: World Renewable Exchange is a Trademark of WOREXX with office at Verdistr. 15, 48431 Rheine, Germany.

WOREXX is a combination of a trading and network platform for the renewable energy market.
User / user: the opposite party to WOREXX.
Seller: a User with a Fee-based membership that offers products or services. If these Terms and Conditions refer to a User, such is then also applicable to the Seller.
General Terms and Conditions: these Terms and conditions.
The General Terms and Conditions can be called up, printed out, downloaded and saved by the User at any time, including after conclusion of the contract, under the link
"General Terms and Conditions" that can be accessed from the Website.
Website: all websites of WOREXX.

2. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions
2.1 These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all offers and agreements (and/or changes or additions thereto) between WOREXX and the User.
2.2.Conditions of purchase, tender or other general terms and conditions of the user are not applicable and hereby rejected.
2.3 If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions or the agreement proves to be void for whatever reason, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions.
The invalid provision will be replaced by a provision that commercially comes closest to the meaning and purpose of the invalid provision in a legally valid manner. The same applies for any gaps in the provisions.

3. Registration
3.1 Registration is a requirement for trading and communication via WOREXX.
By registering with WOREXX, the User accepts the General Terms and Conditions.
3.2 The User gives assurance that all data communicated are correct. It is prohibited to register and/or trade on the Websites under a false identity.
3.3 The User may not register under more than one name simultaneously.
3.4. The User undertakes to keep the password selected on registration confidential.
3.5 To guarantee the network-like communication via WOREXX, the User is obligated to link the WOREXX account with at least one individual employee ("Employee") furnished with the appropriate power of attorney (creation of an employee profile). The User undertakes to comply with all agreements between itself and WOREXX through the employee linked with the account. The User undertakes to comply with the statutory regulations that apply between him and the employee and/or to create the corresponding contractual basis.
3.6 Every (fee-based) membership has one administrator that is responsible for the company profile and in case of a fee based membership for the products offered.

4. Usage variants
4.1 WOREXX is available to registered users in two usage variants:
- "Free-of-charge membership", an area of usage with selected basic functionalities, but without full access to the platform.
- "Fee-based membership", an area of usage with selected basic functionalities, ranging up to full access to the platform, depending on the selected service package.

5. The rating system
5.1 To make trading and communication on the platform even more secure, WOREXX can
use a rating system based on:
- Frequency in which products and services are updated
- Completeness of the profiles (personal and corporate profiles)
- Reliability in answering enquiries.
WOREXX reserves the right to adjust and modify the selection criteria for the assessment on a continual basis.
5.2 Users are able to rate each other at any time and also to change this rating. WOREXX stresses explicitly that these ratings are not permanently reviewed by WOREXX. WOREXX is not responsible for the rating and the content.
5.3 In the area of the WOREXX rating system, the User is obligated to provide objective and truthful information and to comply with the respective valid laws. Misuse of the rating system is prohibited. This includes in particular:
- The submission of ratings for a purpose other than that intended
- The submission of a self
- Assessment (controlled rating about oneself using another WOREXX access point)
- Incorrect ratings
- The use of rating content that is immoral and/or relevant under criminal law
- The use of content that contravenes the purpose of the rating system.
5.4 WOREXX can delete or change a rating in case of breach of the aforementioned regulations.
5.5 The rating points may only be displayed in the place provided by WOREXX for this purpose. Direct or indirect reference to one’s own or third-party rating points is not permitted in offers and outside of the place provided by WOREXX.

6. Prices and terms of payment
6.1 Trading and/or communication via WOREXX is covered by the pricelist, which also indicates the service packages that can be booked.  All prices are given in Euro and net without VAT.
WOREXX reserves the right to modify the pricelist with sufficient prior notice. The prices given there are binding.
6.2 Details regarding the fixed fees are set out on the WOREXX websites. Fixed fees are due for payment immediately on invoicing for the entire duration. Variable fees are invoiced every month in arrears.
6.3 All payments will be collected by direct debit. The Seller will at all times have sufficient balance on his bank account for the direct debit. If a due payment cannot be collected, the User will be legally in default and, without any reminder or notice of default being required will be charged daily interest corresponding to the ECB’s deposit interest rate +7.0% plus collection costs, being set for this purpose at no less than 15% of the sum due, with a minimum of €80.
6.4 WOREXX provides the User with an overview of the invoices. User can view and print the invoices form the Website after logging in the customised area.
6.5 Rights of retention of the User are excluded. The User is not entitled to offset the WOREXX claim against a counterclaim, if that claim is disputed or has not been lawfully established.

7. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions and website
WOREXX reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions and Website at any time and without giving reasons. The amended conditions will be sent to the User by e-mail in a timely manner. Should the User reject the amended conditions, WOREXX can cancel their registration.

8. Entitlement to usage
There is no entitlement to registration and usage of the Website. The User acknowledges that full availability of WOREXX is technically and not feasible. If the Website is temporarily not available, WOREXX is not liable for any damages.

9. Duration /End / Termination
9.1 Each contract between User and WOREXX is concluded for the duration of the package booked. It will not automatically extend.
9.2 A contract for an indefinite period of time can be terminated by both parties with a notice period of one month.
9.3 The User can extend its package at any time with additional licences. The contractual duration of the package determines the duration of all associated licences.
Article 3.6 applies accordingly with regard to each licence. Articles 9.1 and 9.2 applies accordingly for the termination of licences subsequently booked.
9.4 WOREXX can terminate the agreement at any time if the User does not comply with its obligations under the agreement or the General Terms and Conditions.
9.5 If the User demands the deletion of the data saved about it (see data protection statutes) or if it deletes the data itself, the contractual relationship shall not end as a result of this.
9.6. If the contractual relationship ends, the employee profiles can be stored for the duration of one year in order for them to be reassigned later as necessary to a new contractual relationship and/or a new User. The User already grants its consent to this now. The profile is saved solely with the personal details and contacts. Business transactions and/or data from which the business activity of the original User can be concluded or which disclose these will be automatically deleted. The employee cannot derive any rights for himself/herself from this provision.
9.7 The User is authorised to replace the individual linked with the account at any time. Article 9.5 applies accordingly. At any time however, each membership has only one administrator.

10. Communication and trading place
10.1 The Website is a trading place for sellers and buyers, where it is possible to communicate and trade with other users.
10.2 Contracts for products offered are concluded solely between the users. The users cannot derive any rights towards WOREXX from the legal relationships established with other users.
10.3 WOREXX is not liable for the fulfilment of the contracts concluded between the users and has no influence over the quality, security or lawfulness of the products offered, the truthfulness and correctness of the offers. The User places the product on the Website. WOREXX does not see the product. WOREXX recommends contacting the Seller before purchasing a product to convince oneself of the reputability of the contractual partner.
10.4 The User undertakes to keep the offer data communicated on the Website up-to-date.
10.5 WOREXX can translate the text on the Website from and to other languages by using translator such as “google translator” or “bing translator” or others, but is not responsible for any errors occurred by translation and/or any consequential damages thereof.
10.6 WOREXX can use "landing pages" to improve its service. The User consents to the fact that his offers can also be found on "landing pages" using search machines.

11.Obligations of the User
11.1 The User must place its offer in the corresponding category and describe it correctly and in full. In the process, the User must provide truthful information about all the fundamental features and properties for the purchase decision as well as faults that substantially reduce the value of the merchandise offered. In addition, the User must provide users with full information about the ownership of the product offered, its powers of disposal over the product, its ability to deliver, the length of the validity of the offer and the details about payment and delivery/fulfilment.
11.2 The User can describe its product with words, drawings or images. The description of the merchandise as well as drawings and images may not contain any advertising for products other than those advertised; in particular not through reference by means of links to the User's own homepage. No laws or regulations may be breached, in particular copyright or unfair competition regulations.
11.3 The User offering the service or products must indicate any VAT or other price components incurred additionally.
11.4 WOREXX reserves the right to assign the offered products to another offer category than that selected by the User.
11.5 The User has the following additional obligations:
a) To provide truthful and non-misleading information in the personal profile and in its communication with other users. Pseudonyms etc. are not permissible.
b) Not to copy any information from the Website.
c) Not to bother other users.
d) To desist from actions that impedes fair competition.
e) To desist from sending chain letters, using the platform for snowball systems, to use offensive, pornographic or other content that breaches the General Terms and Conditions.
11.6 Points 11.1 to 11.5 apply accordingly for services offered.

12. List of prohibited merchandise / services
It is forbidden to offer products/ services, the offer or sale of which breaches statutory regulations or public morality. In particular, the following products may not be offered:
a) Products not owned by the User, unless the owner has given consent to the User to sell the products
b) Anything that does not comply with the object and purpose of the WOREXX services
c) Products that breach copyright, patents, trademarks, company secrets or other intellectual property rights, individual rights or data protection rights of third parties.

13. Limitation of liability
13.1 WOREXX is not liable for indirect damage, in particular not for loss of earnings, unless this loss is based on wilful intent by employees or wilful intent and gross negligence by legal representatives and managers of WOREXX.
13.2 If WOREXX is liable for damages to persons or property, such liability shall be limited to the amount paid out in that specific case under the general professional corporate liability insurance of WOREXX, increased by the amount of the applicable deductible.
13.3 If, for whatever reason, no amount is paid out under either of the abovementioned insurances, the liability of WOREXX shall be limited to a maximum of EUR500 per event.
13.4 Claims for damages shall expire after a period of one year from the day following the day on which the User became aware of the damages and of WOREXX as the liable party.

14. Indemnification
The User indemnifies WOREXX from all claims that third parties make against WOREXX due to a breach of their rights or due to breaches of rights resulting from the offers and/or content placed on the Website by the User. In this context, the User shall also assume the legal defence costs of WOREXX, including all court and lawyers' fees.

15. General compliance with the laws
The User has a duty to comply with all valid laws, regulations and other national legislation of all the states possibly linked to the trading activity, which apply to its usage of the WOREXX services and its offers, listings and its purchase and sale of products.

16. Notifications
All declarations that one contracting party communicates to the other in connection with these General Terms and Conditions of Business must be made in writing. The User's address is the address made available to WOREXX on conclusion of the usage agreement.

17. General provisions
German law shall govern the legal relationship between WOREXX and  its users. Any dispute between WOREXX and a client shall be resolved in the first instance exclusively by the District Court of Köln, Germany.

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